Tec-Sem Group AG founded in 1981 in Switzerland, is one of the pioneers in semiconductor clean room automation. Over the past 30 years, Tec-Sem Group has established itself as a leader in semiconductor fab automation equipment, with a focus on Wafer and Reticle Management.

Tec-Sem’s proprietary and unique technology used in its wafer- and reticle management systems is characterized by an ultra-dense, highly cost-effective storage method, based on the patented Tec-Cell®. Wafers and reticles are stored kept in a controlled clean mini environment.

Tec-Sem’s several 100 installed wafer and reticle management systems are crucial to productivity improvements and help increasing the efficiency and throughput in numerous semiconductor fabs around the world.

An experienced and highly qualified Team of sales and service professionals support the customers throughout the entire world.