Beam Services Inc. as Service partner for the US

Tec-Sem appoints Beam Services Inc. as Service partner for the US

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Beam Services, Inc. (BSI) in the US to provide additional service capabilities to our Tec-Sem product line. For more than 15 years Beam Services has been providing sales and service support in the US for Japanese and European semiconductor manufacturers. They have a skilled staff of Field Service Engineers throughout the US and they will be cross trained on the Tec-Sem products to provide a greater bandwidth to support our continued sales growth. Additionally, BSI employed the Tec-Sem`s local Field Service Engineers so the transition should be a smooth and seamless one.

Beam Services was founded in 1998 by Eryn Smith, replicating the successful model he built while at Metron Technologies. While at Metron, Eryn was one of the initial hires and took the company from 6 employees to over 2000 employees and annual revenues to $1 Billion. At that time they went ‘public’ and shortly after the public offering Eryn left his Chief Technologist role to found Beam Services, Inc. Since founding Beam Services, the company has grown and has both domestic and international locations and expertise in both technology development as well as sales and support areas, and has also developed its own line of products including BSI Mobile Electrostatic Carriers and Plasmatics sample preparation tools. Beam Services continues to be an industry leader in customer services and technical support.