Sales & Service Agreement with Hermes Epitek

Tec-Sem AG signed Sales & Service Agreement with Hermes Epitek China Ltd.

Last year China’s manufacturers, both domestic and foreign-owned, consumed $145 billion-worth of microchips of all kinds, but the output of China’s domestic chip industry was only one-tenth of that value. The Chinese Government decided to change that situation and announced to invest into the semiconductor industry with the aim to catch up technologically with the world’s leading firms by 2030, in the design, fabrication and packaging of chips of all types, so as to cease being dependent on foreign supplies. In 2015 the government added a further target: within ten years it wants to be producing 70% of the chips consumed by Chinese industry.

“Recent activities and an increasing number of inquiries prompted us to strengthen Tec-Sem`s presence in that emerging market. We are very proud that the leading sales & service provider for semiconductor equipment – Hermes Epitek – agreed to promote our reticle- and wafer management solutions in China”, says Gerhard Dovids co-CEO of Tec-Sem. For further information please call us or send your inquiry to or phone +86-18616777016.