The RS-C is a fully automated highly flexible standalone storage and inspection system for 6” reticles. It based on a modular, cartesian product platform allowing a high flexibility in storage size and a variety of applications.

The RS-C fits in new and existing production facilities.

The RS-C system offers ports for a variety of reticle carriers and is customizable for specific customer needs. It supports sort & merge functions.

The high throughput RS-C optimizes reticle logistics and scanner/stepper utilization.

Key Features

  • Reticle storage in Tec-Cell® micro-environment.
  • Stores and manages reticle from 500 up to 3000 pcs.
  • Supports all common carriers RSP, MRSP, cassettes and shippers.
  • Particle and pellicle defect inspection.
  • Air knife and reticle orientation.

Options include:

  • N2/xCAD purge option
  • Particle Detection System (PDS)
  • Bright light Inspection
  • Macro Inspection Unit (MIU)
  • Rotary / Air knife unit
  • Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) filter


  • Increased scanner/litho cell uptime.
  • No scanner idle time, defined reticle arrives safe, on time, correctly orientated, clean with controlled quality.
  • Reduced reticle rework costs.
  • Reticle is protected from chemical contamination, haze & crystal grow.
  • Increased number of exposes possible results in a high wafer in process (WIP) cycle time.
  • Quality control, certifiable solution.
  • Fully automated reticle handling, defined inspection procedures.
  • Reliable, safe handling prevents reticle, pellicle damages and human mistakes.
  • Low cost of ownership (COO).
  • Low purge gas consumption (0.375 slpm/recticle).