The Pr@ctor is a fully automated wafer management system that stores wafers horizontally in a proprietary storage system (Tec-Cell® ) in a clean ISO 1 micro-environment. The wafer storage is combined with a single wafer transfer/sorter system and an optional carrier-buffer for 300mm FOUP’s.
Each wafer and its history is continuously tracked. The Pr@ctor can administer and also change categories of the wafers based on the process cycles thus providing a complete management solution for your test or productive wafers.
Specifically a fully automated test wafer management with the Pr@ctor offers many advantages over the traditional process using cassette stockers and sorters with transportation in between.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Prepares lots automatically in the background.
  • Fastest access to each single wafer.
  • Reduce clean-room space for storage and numbers of FOUP’s while generating more WIP capacity in the OHT.
  • Prevents wafer cross contamination by recognizing the wafers at insert and storing them into individual clean room sections.
  • Stores and manages your wafers in safe ISO1 high density micro environment, optionally purged with nitrogen.
  • Reduces the test wafer consumption due to the inventory optimization and downgrading management.
  • Improves the process tool utilization due to a more efficient lot preparation and shorter availability on the process bay.

Tec-Sem received the prestigious Editor’s Choice Best Product 2009 Award by Semiconductor International for the 300 mm Wafer Management System “Pr@ctor”.