The WS-C200 is a fully automated management system for substrates with 200mm diameter, such as silicon wafers, GaAs wafers or sapphire products. The substrates are stored horizontally in a proprietary storage system The wafer storage is combined with a single wafer transfer/sorter system and an optional carrier-buffer.
An innovative designed storage module allows different storage pitch to manage also thick or even wrapped substrates. Alternatively the available standard cassettes can be used for the wafer storage. Flexible tool configuration allow different I/O ports and storage capacity from 500 up to >2000 substrates per system.
Each wafer and its history is continuously tracked. The system can administer and also change categories of the wafers based on the process cycles thus providing a complete management solution for your test or productive wafers.
The WS-C200 provides a modular system for storage extension, mini environment options and different load-port configurations.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Prepares lots automatically in the background.
  • Fastest access to each single wafer.
  • Reduces clean-room space, sorters and labor to compile wafer lots.
  • Prevents wafer cross contamination by recognizing the wafers at insert and storing them into individual ultra clean sections.
  • Stores and manages your wafers in safe controlled clean mini environment.
  • Reduces the test wafer consumption due to the inventory optimization and downgrading management.
  • Improves the process tool utilization due to a more efficient lot preparation and shorter availability on the process bay.